Remote Learning

This page is a work in progress. Please be patient. If there is specific information that you feel should be included, please email Ms. Love

Individual  Grade Level/Teacher Remote Information

Mobile Hotspots

     If you need a hotspot for this temporary remote period, please fill out the Mobile Hotspot Request Form to be put on the list. You will be notified when the hotspot is available for pickup. These hotspots will need to be returned when students come back to school. In the mean time, if your student is unable to attend class meetings, please notify your child's teacher(s). The best way to contact teachers is through their email or the method they have indicated in their remote information page (See above). Please do not call individual teachers during class time as they are teaching other students. Also, please do not call the school office to ask them to notify the teachers as contacting your child's teacher directly is the best method. Please note* In the event of a prescheduled Pivot to remote, such as for testing, hotspots will not be issued to students until the school day prior to the pivot. You may fill out the form ahead of time but hotspots will not be immediately available. Hotspots MUST be return as soon as your student returns to school.